Choquequirao 4D/3N
Cusi Wasi Tours
Your home in the Inka's land
Choquequirao is a remote citadel at 3,000 m.a.s.l. (10,000 ft) up the Apurimac river. Ringed by
snow-capped peaks and flanked by thickly forested slopes, the site was a ceremonial center
dedicated to the worship of the elements of nature such as mountains and rivers.

One theory of its origins says that it was a royal estate built for the emperor Topa Inca, perhaps
in an attempt to rival his father Pachacuti’s spectacular domain at Machu Picchu.

Day 1. Cusco - Cachora - Chiquisqa:
Leaving Cusco at 5am, we arrive in Cachora at 8:30am. From this town we can see the peaks of
the snow-capped Padreyoc (5,482 m.a.s.l.). Today we walk 22 km. The first part is flat with great
views of the Andes landscape. In Capuliyoc we eat lunch at around 1pm. From there, a steep
slope leads us to our base camp Chiquisqa, halfway to the Apurimac river. Dinner is served in the

Day 2. Chiquisqa - Choquequirao:
After breakfast at 6am, we continue to the bottom of the Apurimac canyon. After crossing the
bridge, we climb up to Santa Rosa. In Maranpata we stop to have lunch. The most difficult part is
over for the day. From here, Choquequirao is in sight. After a brief siesta we walk through a semi-
tropical rainforest with orchids and waterfalls towards the site. Our guide explains all about the
site´s history and strategic importance of it to the Incas. In the camping place our dinner and a
well-deserved night's rest await us.

Day 3. Choquequirao - Chiquisqa:
At 6am we walk through the citadel again towards the viewpoint to observe the Apurimac canyon.
Condors may hover above the cliffs during sunrise in search for food. After breakfast we return
the same way: passing through the forest to Maranpata, steeply downhill to Santa Rosa (where
lunch is served) and after crossing the bridge and a tough uphill climb, we arrive at Chiquisqa to
camp and have dinner.

Day 4. Chiquisqa - Cachora - Cusi Wasi:
After breakfast at 5am, we continue our climb to Capuliyoc, where lunch is served. Despite our
probable tiredness, we'll can still enjoy the world's cleanest air and the brightest sunlight under
the majestic snow-capped Padreyoc. In the afternoon we reach Cachora where the bus awaits
us. After a cold beer, we head back to Cusi Wasi in Cusco, arriving there at around 8pm.

  • Round-trip transportation (bus)
  • Professional guide in Spanish or English. Other languages upon request
  • Camping equipment: tents, mattresses, cooking utensils
  • First aid equipment
  • Porters and horses or mules to transport camping equipment and food. An extra porter or
    mule to carry your personal belongings upon request
  • 3 meals per day + snacks, vegetarian food on request
  • Entrance to Choquequirao

  • First breakfast and last dinner
  • Sleeping bag

We recommend that you bring :
  • Clothing for the warm days and the cold nights
  • Camera
  • Sun block and plenty insect repellent
  • Hat
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Lantern
  • Sunglasses
  • Plastic poncho (rainy season from October to April)
  • Passport, ISIC student card
  • 1 liter of water for the first day
  • Tablets for purifying water
  • Extra money for unforeseen expenses

Cost per person:
US$439 -
group of 1 - 3 persons
US$399 - group of 4 or more persons

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