Built as a "royal estate" for the Inca emperor Pachacuti, Machu Picchu is an outstanding and
perennially mysterious climax to one of the world's most famous journeys: the Inca Trail. Perched
high above a sinuous bend in the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu has lured explorers, poets and
pilgrims to its mist-wreathed ridge top ever since its discovery by the American explorer Hiram
Bingham in July, 1911. No one lived here before the Incas. Those mighty empire builders from
Cusco discovered this extraordinary place, finding it rich in natural features sacred to their
religion. Both inspired and humbled by its dramatic natural beauty, their answer was to create on
a vast scale one of the planet's most sensitive and harmonious works of art. The aesthetic
genius of its layout and architecture coupled with the durability of its brilliant planning and
engineering have given us today this finest of jewels among the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Every day between 05:45 and 06:00 we depart from Cusi Wasi to the train station for an
unforgettable train journey to Machu Picchu. The voyage takes us from the city's turmoil
through the beautiful Chinchero country side with its magnificent views of the snow-capped
mountains, to the turbulent river of Vilcanota. Following the river, we'll pass the spectacular
semi-tropical zone, where the rich Amazon rain forest begins, to arrive to the train station of
Aguas Calientes. From there, our guide takes us to the now famous but once forgotten citadel
of  Machu Picchu. We'll be shown the beautiful sites of this impressive and mystic city. Afterwards
there is time to explore Machu Picchu by yourself or to have lunch in one of the many cosy
restaurants in Aguas Calientes. At around 16:00 you return by train and bus to hostal Cusi Wasi,
ending a truly unforgettable day!

  • Transport hotel - train station and back
  • Train tickets Cusco - Aguas Calientes and back
  • Licensed bilingual tour (English / Spanish)
  • Transport by bus to and from the site of Machu Picchu
  • Entry to Machu Picchu

Not included:
  • Meals (lunch in Aguas Calientes costs approximately US$15)
  • The climb of Huayna Picchu (US$25)

We recommend that you bring:
  • Raincoat (rainy season) or warm cloth at returning
  • Sun block
  • Money in cash
  • Bottle of water
  • Snacks

If you want to spend a night in Aguas Calientes to return the next day, just let us know. In that
case we arrange your visit to Machu Picchu on the 2nd day, as well as your return to Cusco. We
can also make reservations in our partner hostel in Aguas Calientes. If you stay the night in
Aguas Calientes, there is time to climb Huayna Picchu in the group of 07:00 or 10:00. The cost of
the climb is US$25 and you need to make reservations with us beforehand.

Costs per person (1 day):
Expedition Service:  US$319 (comfortable tourist train)
Vistadome Service:
 US$399 (luxurious train with panoramic windows)
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